Empowering Youth Through Scholarships

BLBF Scholarship Award Recipients

2019 College-Bound Scholarship Recipient

Miss Madelyn Lester, Greenwood Mennonite School


2018 College-Bound Scholarship Recipient

Miss Jada Flowers, Cape Henlopen to University of Delaware

2017 High School Cosmetology Award Recipient

Miss Kiera Butcher, Delcastle Technical High School

2017 College-Bound Scholarship Recipients

Miss Cionie Lum, Mt. Pleasant High to Eastern University, PA

Mr. Johnny Means, Delaware Military Academy to University of DE

2016 High School Cosmetology Award Recipient

Miss Savannah Murray, Delcastle

2015 Miss Anaya Blackman, Cosmetology Kit, Delcastle

Miss Amirah Pulliam & Miss Davia Wilkes, Gift Cards


2014 Miss Aariyon Richards, Cosmetology Kit, Delcastle

2013 Miss Shania Edwards, Cosmetology Kit, Delcastle

Miss Mary Bamba & Miss Jayleska Morales, Gift Card

2011 Ms. Kathleen Mitchell, State Board Exam Fees

Mr. Victor Diaz, State Board Exam Fees

American Beauty Academy

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